Praise for Altered Archives

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Altered Archives presents a uniquely successful harmony of medium and message, carefully orchestrating live dance with projected video in a way that rarely, if ever, divides the audience’s attention."

"See it if: You’d like to take in polished, innovative work in several art forms all at once.”

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“The constant movement is mesmerizing, erotic, and at times violent, but always under control and always calculated.”

5 star rating, listed as a Pick of the Fringe

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“Watching the strong and agile dancers is like a dream.”

5 star rating, listed in Best of the Fringe

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Clifford Brody

Altered Archives is ethereal magic, the wizardry of one person’s inspiration transformed into fine art by the ardor of special people meeting the challenge of being at their best. We are drawn to them by their hard, hard work and sacrifice, their collaboration, and above all their commitment to one another — a commitment that true artists know to be the only way to successfully offer the exotic, sensual pleasure of fine artistry to the rest of us.”

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A fresh combination of dance
and visual art

Contemporary movement and visuals come together in a new partnership between Motion X Dance DC and Lindsay Benson Garrett.